About Us

KWC is a high-end boutique construction company handling everything from residential remodels to high-end commercial projects

KWC Construction was founded on a reputation of traditional values and hardworking traits. The Companies' roots were formed in Stillwater, MN in the 1930's. Our grandfather and his two brothers started their construction company and laid down the framework that has been essential to our success today. Early on, engineering and creativity proved to be a valuable asset as our grandfather and his two brothers invented a "power impact tool." The device was developed to tighten and loosen stubborn nuts and bolts and was used widely in the construction field and still used today!

We take the same traditional values and add a talented staff of Architects, Engineers, Designers and Craftsman that can bring your vision to life. The attention to detail and quality has separated us from the rest. KWC Construction is a boutique construction company handling high-end residential and commercial projects on the west coast. Call us today and together we will build a better future!